There are three main types of headaches

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The goal of Dr. Xia and associates is to accurately diagnose and precisely treat the patient, so as to resolve pain and return the patient to a functional state as medically effectively and cost effectively as possible.

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Whether your goals are to return to work quickly, to spend more pain-free time with your family and friends, or simply to achieve, through pain-reduction, a less stressful daily life, we will help you maximize the quality of your life.
We are dedicated to provide the highest quality of pain care through the integration of the techniques of modern medicine with ancient Eastern concepts of healing.

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Headache Treatments

Headache Types

There are three main types of headaches:
• Migraine Headaches
• Tension Headaches
• Cluster Headaches
Find out from what type of headache you might be suffering.

Headache Treatments

In caring for your specific needs, your doctor will create a program that is just right for you and may include any or several of the treatment options. Learn more about Headache Control Clinic headache treatment options and procedures

New Approach

Sphenopalatine ganglion block procedure has been reported to be successful in the relief of a wide variety of pain conditions ranging from headache to low back pain.
A new aproach allows us to utilize this procedure.